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I am a living anachronism. I'm a "throw-forward" from another time. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful to have been born here in the 20th century, because it gives me the luxury to play with and explore that pull I feel to history. A few years ago I caught the computer virus and I was never the same. That's been a very slow recovery. Despite my strange attraction to the dark side of life (or more accurately, my romantic idea of the dark side of life), I am an extreme optimist. Like the punching bag clowns of old... you can knock me down, but I come right back up smiling. NOTE: No attempt has been made by the above statement to tempt fate.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sneek Preview of my new 2010 Actor's Reel page

New 2010 Reels are HERE!

Watch ‘em NOW online ~ In QuickTime Format

The Adventure Reel

Period Drama

One Minute Reel

Pure Action

The Goofy Stuff

Longer scenes and extra/ more specific footage

Captain Cook’s Extraordinary Atlas

True Caribbean Pirates

The Cutlass Fight (Silly and quick)

Over the Moon

The Battle of Tripoli

PinMonkeys Music Video/ Trailer

The Naked City

The Hitman

The FBI Guys

Sinfully Yours


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