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I am a living anachronism. I'm a "throw-forward" from another time. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful to have been born here in the 20th century, because it gives me the luxury to play with and explore that pull I feel to history. A few years ago I caught the computer virus and I was never the same. That's been a very slow recovery. Despite my strange attraction to the dark side of life (or more accurately, my romantic idea of the dark side of life), I am an extreme optimist. Like the punching bag clowns of old... you can knock me down, but I come right back up smiling. NOTE: No attempt has been made by the above statement to tempt fate.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Only in Hollywood!

Today was a day like many other days, wherein this actor-at-large had to pay the bills by working a day job. :-( During the morning, Timothy Dalton showed up to do a little Christmas shopping, and yours truly... recognizing the ol' cleft chin, immediately misidentified him, walked up and introduced himself as "another Lance" (mistaking him for another cleft-chinned soap star) - Needless to say, he wasn't terribly amused but was kind enough to say, "I've been called worse." Oops! When I realized my mistake and apologized, he seemed pretty gracious... but I still felt like an idiot. Later that same day, I was helping another customer and couldn't help thinking I knew her. She almost felt like a friend. Finally I asked if she had been in before because she seemed awfully familiar, and she asked me if I had ever seen "Deadwood?" BuhDUH! It was Robin Weigert (Calamity Jane). (Sigh) I'd rather be acting myself... well, I guess I AM acting... acting like a responsible person and keeping the rent paid! :-p Cheers all! (NOTE: This post was just "discovered" in my MacJournal which is supposed to have the capability of auto posting to my blog... HA! Apparently it doesn't have all the bugs worked out yet. this is actually a couple of YEARS old! Pre-townhome, pre-daughters)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sneek Preview of my new 2010 Actor's Reel page

New 2010 Reels are HERE!

Watch ‘em NOW online ~ In QuickTime Format

The Adventure Reel

Period Drama

One Minute Reel

Pure Action

The Goofy Stuff

Longer scenes and extra/ more specific footage

Captain Cook’s Extraordinary Atlas

True Caribbean Pirates

The Cutlass Fight (Silly and quick)

Over the Moon

The Battle of Tripoli

PinMonkeys Music Video/ Trailer

The Naked City

The Hitman

The FBI Guys

Sinfully Yours

I can't believe I forgot to post my new reels!

Months ago I was working on my new Actor Reels for 2010 and I just forgot to post 'em! So I will try to get them up from home this week as my ftp info at work seems to have evaporated. (Remind me, Herb... if you don't see 'em by the end of the week)



Saturday, November 07, 2009

OK, I finally got around to updating my site - thanks in part to the Swine Flu. My November update is online. WooHOO!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Wow! I have to get busy updating my site!

Since my last post, I have done the title character in an ABC pilot, played Adolf Hitler for a History Channel docudrama, delivered a baby for the Health Network, created a new character for a popular video game franchise, gotten a small voiceover role in a feature animation with an all-star cast, booked a role in a soon-to-be Lovecraftian cult classic... I know I'm forgetting some stuff.... OK, more's a comin'!

Could it be that we're over-saturated with blogs?

Just noticed I have failed to add anything to my blog since February of 2008.... and no one seems to have noticed?! INCLUDING ME!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

When it rains....

Booked a commercial for a Russian telecommunications company and then had a very good callback for HP, and the casting folks said, "Now, we're shooting on Friday, will that work for you?" and of course the Russian commercial shoots Wednesday thru Friday! Hopefully with a little luck and my agent's influence, we'll be able to get me in and out by Thursday and free up Friday should I book the HP gig. I'm just sayin'....

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hubbub about Tom Cruise and Scientology

Wow! It's no wonder stories like these are newsworthy. So many people have to defend their beliefs because they desperately want to "be right!" Sadly, most have the idea that "I must be right and therefor you are WRONG." There are commonalities in most religions and wouldn't it be amazing if people could just look into their heart and do good for their fellow man regardless of race, gender, creed or any other man-imposed label? Scientology is not a path I choose to follow but I have explored many of the World's religions and have always kept an open mind. There can be a lot of good to be mined from religious thought... for that matter, there can also be a lot of good derived from atheistic thought as well. We're all just trying to find our way in the World, 'cause we don't know what comes after... if anything. Can't we all just live and let live and listen to others (or not) with a compassionate heart? IMAGINE! (I miss John Lennon ;-)


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

 As Time Goes By.... My Rye Mistake

I was a fool! I was visiting the Rose Bowl Swap Meet this month and stumbled upon a booth where this man was unloading his grandfather's bar. The grandfather apparently didn't drink, but kept the bar for guests and perhaps appearances?! One of the items for sale was an unopened bottle of Old Overholt from 1957! The kid wanted $20 bucks for it and I was out of cash. Rather than RUN to the cash machine... I went looking for this Fedora seller I've seen before.... Of course by the time I got back to this kid, he had sold a number of bottles including the Old Overholt! (Sob!) It may be one of the grandest "Fish that got away" stories I will henceforth be lamenting.