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I am a living anachronism. I'm a "throw-forward" from another time. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful to have been born here in the 20th century, because it gives me the luxury to play with and explore that pull I feel to history. A few years ago I caught the computer virus and I was never the same. That's been a very slow recovery. Despite my strange attraction to the dark side of life (or more accurately, my romantic idea of the dark side of life), I am an extreme optimist. Like the punching bag clowns of old... you can knock me down, but I come right back up smiling. NOTE: No attempt has been made by the above statement to tempt fate.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lessons learned

Had a callback for an interesting film called, "Montana." Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, I was totally unprepared for the callback (sigh). My M.O. is typically to keep my sides from my auditions (which I print out from my computer before arriving at the audition) and then if I am called back, I have them in my audition folder, ready for review or study. On this particular audition, their response to me was terrific and they felt confident that I would get a callback, but would I mind leaving my sides (apparently actors are notorious for walking off with their sides) - thinking I would print another copy for myself, I said, "sure." - LESSON: Don't disrupt a well established pattern of behavior if it serves you well.

I got the callback, but was working a day gig in Ontario, CA the day of... and I figured as per usual, my sides were with me in the folder - SURPRISE! I was forced to show up cold and unprepared. Could leave the pages and give real contact to the woman reading with me. With a room FULL of people while attempting my Russian accent in front of the Russian Director.

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